KC Media Partners - Headshot - Charity

About Charity D’Amato-Crawford

Collaborating partner; founder and creative director of studio Chartreuse

Charity works with KC Media Partners’ clients through her design firm, studio Chartreuse. As a full-time art director, she knows what works for brands.
She enthusiastically welcomes all types of brand development and design projects. She especially loves to work with small businesses to tell their stories through unexpected and creative combinations of color and design.

Charity is truly passionate about creating, guiding and bettering brands through palette and pattern, voice and shape and space. Everyday she is inspired by the beauty in things. Her design clients include the Cleveland Museum of Art, Hinkley Lighting and the City of Lakewood.

Charity is also the founder of the iheartcleveland.com blog, a lover of vintage and mid-century modern style and a graduate of Syracuse University.

From Charity: “To me, great design is when form, color, space and type do the talking, and everybody listens.”