About Trait

James Jajola and business partner Jim Mollica represent a culmination of more than 25 years of experience in the brand identity and software development industry. Their dynamic team at TRAIT works tirelessly to reinvent digital experiences and create robust enterprise-level software for both independent startups and corporate brands.

Since partnering with The Fairmount Group (later KC Media Partners) in 2013, TRAIT’s background in consulting, creativity and software engineering, has allowed them to bring a unique and diverse perspective to each coordinated effort. From web content management for Risk International, a leading risk management firm, to intuitive and user-friendly web development for the Solid Waste Management District in Cuyahoga County, TRAIT has seamlessly translated client visions to reality.

Both Jajola and Mollica have prior experience as founders of successful firms in the Northeast and Central Ohio regions. Presently, the partners use key industry ties to stay one step ahead of the curve in both design and development. In addition, they each place high value on both student and employee development by actively seeking and employing interns in their respective fields.